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  • Experienced team of professionals with broad knowledge in various disciplines.
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  • Maintenance of the highest level of proficiency in many subject areas and have full-access to academic, and internet resources.
  • Conformity to Highest research standards
  • Quality control checks mechanism and team in place to approve every final work given to clients.
  • All thesis/dissertation and other write-up services are custom-written.
  • Our services are competitively priced.
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The Research Formulation Process

The Question We Ask
What We Consider
Crucial Elements of Each Step
  1. What is the problem and why should it be studied?

Selection, Analysis and Statement of the Research Problem

  • Problem Identification
  • Prioritizing Problems
  • Analysis
  • Justification

2. What information is available?

Literature Review

  • Literature & other available relevant materials

3. Why do we want to undertake the research?

Formulation of Research Objectives

  • General & Specific Objectives
  • Hypothesis

4. How to get the required data to meet the research objectives?

Research Methodology

  • Variables
  • Research Design
  • Data Collection Techniques & Sampling
  • Data Processing & Analysis
  • Ethical Considerations

5. What is the research structure? When and how to write ?

Work Schedule

  • Outline of Dissertation
  • Project Plan

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