Privacy Policy

This Website is an online interaction platform  to aid in rendering academic and corporate research and other writing assistance to the corporate  world and the academic community , by accessing the website and the Services thereof,  each client  agrees to follow and be bound by the privacy policy rules given below;

Through the website, we collect personal information such as; e-mail address, name, phone numbers which are provided via the enquiry form or place an order form, as well as during direct communication of a person with a representative of the Company via phone, live chat or email before or after the registration process. Kindly be informed that, your personal information is collected and securely stored in our database for internal Company use only. You are expected to give only valid and true information, which will be used to check your identity or verify your payment if the need be.

The Company may use your email address to send any updates regarding these particular policies, terms and conditions, services, agreements and other documents that regulate the use of the Website. Kindly be informed that, by providing your contact information, such as email address and phone number, you give the Company the right to contact you to clarify the details of your order, verify your payment as well as to initiate contact with promotional purposes. You may unsubscribe from promotional emails by following the instructions in the emails you receive from the Company. You may request the Company to stop issuing calls with promotional purposes by sending an email at (

We do not collect any personal information (e.g.  mailing address, traveling passport numbers, or residential address, age ) unless a person is in restricted areas requiring such authentication or initiates contact with the representatives of the Company via phone or email, or provides personal information to the Company during contact with its representative via phone, email, internal messaging section or live chat. But Kindly note also that, The Company may request you to provide additional information aside from the information required in registration and order forms, in order to verify your identity or payment, received for your order. In case you refuse to provide such information, the Company may refuse to process and complete your Order for you.

As a matter of confidentiality, we do not share any of the personal information you provide with any third parties without your permission, received in written form. But To be assured of proper completion of the Order, we share the instructions, provided in the Order form, and additional information in the  ”query”, materials and files, uploaded to the Website or communicated to the Company through email address or internal messaging system with the third party, namely the executive(s) of your Order. The Company can make changes to the Instructions in the Order to remove any personal and/or identifying information; however, we cannot guarantee that all of such information will be removed. We encourage you to remove any personal or identifying information from Instructions prior to submitting them to the Company if you wish to keep that information confidential. By providing Instructions with personal or identifying information you agree to hold the Company harmless from any damage, inflicted by misuse of this information by the executive(s) of your Order.