We will review your project for every possible editing problem. You have probably drafted your dissertation and feel confident about the content. Unfortunately, a few small details such as the style, the wording and phrasing can make or break your paper. When we say project editing we mean the following:

  1. Optimum organization: overall focus and attention to thesis, unity, coherence, logical conclusions, avoiding redundancies, etc.
  2. Paragraph structure: controlling ideas, transitions, appropriate support, etc.
  3. Sentence structure: varied structures, proper subordination and coordination, parallel presentation of ideas, etc.
  4. Appropriate tone and diction
  5. Content evaluation: thesis, argument evaluation, development, effective support, and logical conclusions.
  6. Documentation: incorporating quotations, parenthetical citations, and works cited pages, bibliographies, footnotes and endnotes
  7. Evaluation of sources for timeliness, authenticity, and credibility

This editing service does not include:

  1. Any additional research that is not already included
  2. Data analysis
  3. Calculations, estimations or solving problems
  4. Researching or including additional sources