Terms And Conditions

Before using this website, we ask you to carefully read the terms and conditions  yourself .Please be informed that, the company reserves the right to change, amend, revise or otherwise modify any or all provisions the agreement of this terms and conditions as given.

You agree to read this agreement yourself before each use of the website and access company’s services. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, you must not use this website or patronize  our services, leave it when possible. Below are the provisions of the agreement of this terms and conditions;

Service Fees

Service price is determined by the Company and may vary depending on delivery time, complexity level, amount of work, type of writing, type of Service, use of external sources (e.g. books, presentations, journals, video and audio products, other sources  requested by the Client).

Note that, each case of Service provision is unique and the Client may need to contact the representatives of the Company to get an exact Service price quote. As a result, the Company may request additional payment for Services after an has been placed and price given in case of change of instructions or deadline or in case the payment, made for the Order, does not cover the amount of work the Client has requested through the Order form, through telephone call or through email.

Order Placement On The Website.

By completing the Order form and processing the payment upfront the Client submits a first offer to the Company, providing all Order details and Order information (work or project requirement). After receiving and reviewing the offer, the Company may refuse accept to offer service (s) to the Client at its sole discretion without providing any reasoning to the Client. In this case, the pre-paid amount will be refunded to the Client.

The Client is responsible for giving the Company accurate and full information concerning the Order, namely writing level, delivery time, number of sources, writing style, discipline, project title, objectives of the project,  and any other additional information which help the writers to conform to the client’s requirement. In case the writing piece does not suit the Client‘s needs due to his/her failure to provide accurate information, the Client is not eligible for a refund. Any amendments may be provided to the Client for additional fee. The Company reserves the right not to provide any amendments in such cases as well.

The Client is responsible for providing all specific sources and materials, required by Order instructions (access to specific books, textbooks, articles, video materials, grading rubrics and other sources and materials that are vital for the Order completion). The Client may ask the Writer to find specific sources; however, this has to be communicated to the our Team in the process of placing the Order, and it is not guaranteed that the Writer(s) will have access to the required information

Plagiarism Policy

The Company strictly adheres to anti-plagiarism policy and does its best to provide the clients with plagiarism-free academic and business research related services and writings. In our quest to guarantee plagiarism-free services, each piece of writing is double-checked with a plagiarism detection system.  But kindly note that, direct quotes are not considered plagiarism when the source of the quote is included in the reference list and cited appropriately in the body of the work. In the unlikely case of plagiarism, the Company will make all necessary corrections free of any additional charges.  However, the company, and does not guarantee that proofreading, editing or formatting will be plagiarism free. Any paper that is not written by the company will not be checked for plagiarism (Unless the company has been paid and directed to do so). The Entity will not offer a refund in cases when the formatting or editing is found to be plagiarized.

Revision Policy

Free revisions are a courtesy provided by the company to ensure satisfaction on the part of the clients when the Order is complete .For client to take advantage of the free revision service, a client must provide a request within 14 days from the initial completion of the Order and within 25 days for a thesis, thesis proposal, dissertation, dissertation chapter or research proposal, and business plan. If the policy deadline is missed, the client can still request revisions or ask for edits, both at an additional charge.

Our Quality Assurance Department within  has the right to limit revisions or decline revision requests when they do not agree with the original Order details, an unreasonable return of the Order, when the Writer is being taken advantage of or in cases of abuse of the revision policy. In effect, when the revision requests do not agree with the original Order directions, the Quality Assurance Department can deny the request or renegotiated with the client.

Failure To Comply With The Terms And Conditions

A client’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions shall leads to an immediate termination of transaction of corporation between the Client and the Company and prohibits the Client from the use of any of the Company‘s Services, either supplied or those in progress. The Client clearly understands and agrees that no refund for rendered Service(s)  that are in progress will be issued in case of the Client‘s failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions.